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Just another fox/nardoragon on the internet.
Other Aliases: Timothy Vyper, kite552, dothacker552
Gender: Non-Binary/Enby
Sexuality: Demisexual & Sapiosexual

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Ownsership of Data

Jan 22, 2023
It’s been a bit since I have written anything. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about the stuff I have been doing lately. That being switching away from using things like pCloud, Microsoft365/OneDrive, and iCloud. That isn’t all; I have also started Cyberfurz service for Mastodon and Matrix. Files and Photos So what caused me to go on this journey is the fact of hearing and seeing companies starting to introduce scanning of my data… and it scares me.
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Continuing To Find Myself

May 8, 2022
Hi there… I have been struggling with my identity lately… and I been scared about it. The reason I am scared? To put it bluntly, cancel culture and the people who are very harsh gate keeping I see in what should be a safe and open community. So I want to write down my thoughts, and get them down for a bit. I know not many people may read this, because it is a long post… so I will do a quick one line TL;DR under this intro.
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The Tech Side of Hosting a NeosVR Event

Apr 17, 2022
So in case you had no idea, I assisted with hosting the back-end of a NeosVR event this past weekend. It was great, but it was a very short notice event, I jumped in and volunteered as I saw the event organizer starting to get overwhelmed with just how big their event got. So I came in and offered to host the back-end. Plus it is alway a great experience for me to put my Linux System Administration and Engineering skills to the test.
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