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It is starting to sadden me, I have slowly become aware of things, that I rather not have come into knowing. Now I have learned that one of the most famous content creators of virtual worlds named Linda Kellie might be pulling out of virtual worlds all together. I am sorry to hear that, but I do respect and understand her reasoning. It is very difficult for grid owners such as myself to regulate the flow of content over the metaverse, reason why my grid doesn’t just allow anyone to connect their regions. I urge her to keep creating and just go standalone. Saying that makes me want to go into a conversation I had with my developer not to long ago.

Me and my developer on Cyber Wrld we’re discussing the future of the metaverse. We think that in the future, grids that offer the ability to HyperGrid will eventually just all become HUBs. I kinda like her idea, even though yes it changes what grids will be. She wants to see everyone as in logging in via their own system, everyone on their own standalone, grids mainly for just community projects. I mean when you think about it, it seems like a very nice and interesting future. Now after saying that, I how I see the metaverse idea is a little different.

The metaverse is this large collection of all these virtual worlds, I see more and more content creators day after day pop up places, I have even had a few feel out a survey for me and tell me they don’t wana connect to a grid. A lot of them want to work from a standalone, that said what can we do to start pushing this into a new direction of creativity and really push the Hyper Grid to its full length of operations. So let’s consider this for now, say you are a content creator, you make a lot of stuff, but you are worried about losing content or you are on disappearing, or you just don’t feel like picking a grid, but you want to share your content with all the other grids out there. You could start a standalone grid, this would allow you to have full control over you content, you can connect up to the hypergrid and regulate your traffic and content in and out of your grid. This makes the store owners have a front on not just one grid, but several grids. Now how about for those that sale stuff? Just plug their regions into the VirWox OMC system module, it allows visitors to purchase things in your grid with paypal, credit card, paysafe, etc. if they don’t already have an OMC account from the grid they are coming from. This helps make it easier for people to go shopping over the metaverse.

I can see it now, pulling up a hypergrid directory and treating it as the local classifieds as to where I can go to shop today. We should consider this, many shops do want to increase sales, or just have more people access their stuff to buy it. If the owners want the ultimate in security, let them start up their own standalone and connect it to the HyperGrid Network. This allows them to increase sales and make a bigger name and presence for themselves without the cost and trouble of uploading their content to several grids, or having to pick which grid is best for them. Let us all consider this.

Thank you for listening to yet another long rant of mine, which when I write these I worry I make no sense at all. xD Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of these two ideologies.

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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