Getting Hot In Here [Updated]

Well if you catch the joke awesome, if not, it is alright. Now onto why I am writing this article, now I wanted to just write something along the same lines as this on my actual grid’s website, but don’t want to feel unprofessional about it. So instead I am writing it here on my virtual world blog, and well enough chit-chat and explaining myself, let’s get down to business. Cyber Wrld is growing every day, and it is starting to get too big for just me to handle all alone. So I have come to the conclusion, I need to get help running this grid. Perhaps just a business partner, or maybe actually partnering up with another grid.

I am not going to deny my fear/issues with doing this, I don’t want to lose control of my vision that I have for Cyber Wrld. I want to try and make it as stable as I can first, by doing the fallowing: getting content creators, testers, and a few jump starting in world resellers, together in the grid during this beta phase. Once everything is worked out, I want to have the grid ready for new residents, and I mean residents who never even heard of Secondlife or Opensim already. I have ideas and goals in place to help make this possible. All I need is some help balancing things out, and some people who know how to do some cosmetic things to a viewer. Also I welcome the ability to bounce ideas and knowledge off a business partner, or group of people.

In terms of profit, cause I know that is what would be coming out of everyones ears. It is hard to make a profit starting out so small. I am willing to share profits with a partner, but the issue is, I don’t want them to be all about the money. In fact, to help me pick someone, I am going to watch closely to people who want to help me create this grid. See I am a firm believer that money corrupts businesses, and I am not blind either knowing a business can’t survive without money. I just want to let anyone know, who joins in, that depending on if you just want to volunteer to help out the grid, consider being my business partner, or whatever. It will require a lot of trust to be earned, and both parties to share in the cost of expenses, and grid issues/bugs.

Now I know this is a bad way of going about finding someone, so the biggest thing is, I am going to be leary of any partnerships, or offers I get. I am not new to running projects, and I am not completely new to OpenSim either.  To my fellow residents, no matter what happens, rest assured your content will remain safe, backups are still done daily. Also if worse came to worse, I would backup everyone’s iars and oars and email them back to the original owners. But I don’t see the need in doing that for a while, but I don’t want to lie to anyone, it is starting to get tough.

Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]


  • Admin Tasks
    • Monitoring simulators for when they crash to restart them
    • Rendering/renaming/moving regions based on support tickets

  • Support Issues
    • Dealing with everyday issues residents have


  • Viewer Dev
    • I would love to have a viewer developer, I only need and want a few things changed. They are all pretty much cosmetic changes, such as the currency to load up virwox, and a few other small things.

  • Builders
    • People to help build grid ran regions

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I know exactly what you are saying, I was trying to make it show apparent that I understand this as well. Running a grid can be pretty tough, and starting I know to keep my prices cheap at the moment, I mean I still take a small profit off the top of existing plans(believe it or not), to pay for things in reality of my every day life such as my rent. But most of the money ends up getting poured right back down the grid, I just said those things because I am nervous of getting a partner who… Read more »


Hey, Tim. It's great to hear that Cyberwrld is growing! I hope you can find the right balance to keep it goin. I'm available to help with some admin tasks if ya want. I will email ya.



Also, Tim, check out Kickstarter… it's possible to get the word out for your grid. I'd rent a region from you, but I'm still tied up in SL. 🙂 I will definitely come visit more and bring content with me.

Maria Korolov

Tim —

Also, what specifically are you looking for the partner to do? Help with support, coding, community management? If you can narrow down the tasks, you might be able to get them filled by volunteers, or part-time employees.

Also remember to pick a partner with complementary skills, not overlapping ones. It's tempting to bring in someone who's as much like you as possible — but someone as different from you as possible will make the business stronger. If you're a people person, bring in someone numbers-minded. If you're a big-picture person, bring in someone who focuses on the details.

Maria Korolov

Tim — A lot of startup business owners make the mistake of going to either one or the other extreme with money. Either they focus on the money to the exclusion of everything else, or they try to ignore the money issue altogether — some even feel bad about the fact that they're charging people money for things, and keeping a profit. Both approaches will kill a business very quickly. As many large companies that have switched to focusing on their bottom lines have seen — once you're no longer focused on the consumers, the products, and the work you're… Read more »