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SoftPaw Estates is starting to really kick off and do quite well for itself. Clients are already telling me that they love the service. I have been cranking out updates to the webui, that should be launching soon, something that I think is long deserved and greatly needed. The ability to control your region from a web page. I haven’t determined how much I will be charging, but I am looking for current clients will be getting it at no additional cost, however if clients in the future wish to have the web panel, I will charge 5-10usd extra for it.

I am trying to find the grid that is right for me to move in and live in for myself to setup shop and do my own thing. I have been doing a lot of thinking about it, and well InWorldz is quite big lately and it is still growing. With the advancement of their new physics engine, and their growing economy maybe it will be a place for my personal web life.

On the subject of a grid for me to spend my personal time, I am also considering a place like Speculoos, it is hypergrid enabled, super awesome operators of the grid, and they have a working economy. I would love to see this grid grow and become a major hot spot, also if I join this grid, and they keep it decentralized, I might start offering region hosting on it as well as osgrid. But that is if they allow and keep it open.

In terms of OpenSimulator, I am really enjoying working with the platform in the terms of helping others with their standalone, regions, and simulators. I find it quite enjoyable, when I am not having to manage an entire close to empty grid by myself for practically myself, helping others have amazing grids to run and do what they want on it, is quite fun for me. Running an opensimulator hosting company allows me the freedom to test and constantly find ways to improve things and make things more affordable for the masses.

I am starting to look back into cloud hosting, now that Amazon is starting to lower their prices again. I am finding it might be affordable for me to offer event hosting on Amazon, or those looking for high end regions with tons of scripts and visitors all at once. I think cloud hosting will be great for offering on demand instances for meetings, parties, as well as large events, such as OSG5B as we know that is starting to approach. To help, I might look in to donating some regions to those looking to celebrate OSG5B.

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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