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First off you might be asking why the hell am I putting a Nicki Minaj music video on my blog? Well although I am hypocritical, I have accepted the fact that the lyrics of this song is what I have done to move forward with my life. My good friend Linda Kellie, I have come to view her as life hero, someone who knows what it is to live with the same things I deal with. I have ADHD, and I am sick and tired of people saying it is not a real disorder, because you try being me. It is really like the joke people make, ADH-oooo look shiny thing! I get off track so much I have to use my computer to keep my mind focused, it is called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Because of this disorder, I am unable to complete many tasks that are set before me in timely fashions reasons I have a smart phone and computer with timers and locks to remind me what I am doing. It is much worse than people make it out to be, and because of this, I had developed depression, why because when I am not working on things, I am working my mind and it tends to wonder to extremes with questions that cannot be answered and that drives me crazy and gets me depressed.

Below is a video that pissed me off today, I have had it with people saying it is not read and it is all a lie. Yes, I think sometimes it is miss labed on children a lot, but there are people like me who DO HAVE IT, IT IS NOT MADE UP!!! Please watch to see what these people say, it is something that can be treated with medication(which I can’t afford because I don’t have insurance), and can be kept in check. So honestly, I feel for some of these children, I really honestly do!

Now that you have watched this video, they are partly right, as I said before it is over done sometimes, but honestly there are people out there like me, and it doesn’t completely hinder me, it actually make me a better more powerful individual, I can get things done faster, process things faster in my head, work on multiple things at once and complete on time, if I have it under control. So please let these people know, I am real, we are real!

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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