Battle of Business vs OpenSource

Alright lately I have been getting overwhelmed with all the drama of the oldest argument in the world of internet technologies. So who should win? Big business or opensource projects? Well the answer is simple, THE ARE NOT AT WAR!!!!

So let us start off with the ATTACK against an innocent content contribute to the opensim community. Linda Kellie, is a large fan girl of opensim, and that is all she is. She is just like everyone else who uses opensim, she just so happens to release all her stuff completely free on a website. She does this because she likes to see people use her stuff. She doesn’t want any sort of credit, in fact all of her stuff is completely royalty free. The only reason people are upset with her is because she has influence in the opensim community, how? Because she just gives away stuff, that doesn’t mean she is a representative of the opensim community.

Linda Kellie is no more of a representative of the opensimulator community than I am. She just wants to login, play, and share stuff she creates. Hey, I do the same thing, but I am not a great builder so I provide opensimulator hosting at affordable costs. Yes she is now on a grid that doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but I am going to go into that in the next segment of this blog. She didn’t do all this for PR for their grid, she just logged in and fell in love with we what they are doing. I was there in the call when she stated she wanted to go back into making things for money, no one even said anything to her about it. She just decided to do it for SpotOn3D because she really likes it there, so why should we be mad at her for doing what she wants and enjoys. If people fallow her, it is THEIR choice, that is the thing that people need to realize, humans are likes herds of sheep. They go where they see others going, but you know what, they still have free will, if you are nervous they are dragging them away from your product DO SOMETHING BETTER TO ATTRACT ATTENTION DON’T BITCH AND BLAME IT ON SOMEONE ELSE!!!!

Next onto the SpotOn3D, I am sick and tired of people upset with this grid obtaining patents on OpenSimulator. Hell did you know that most of your human body organs is patented by medical companies, I am not lying it is!!! Now, why I am not throwing a fit about all the patents they have. Well  my answer is super simple: I MUCH RATHER HAVE SPOTON3D HAVE THE PATENTS THAN A COMPANY WHO IS SUE HAPPY LIKE WORLDS INC. I know Tessa from a while back, and well I am pretty sure she is not going to use these to stop opensource development? Why because she needs it too, just like any company using opensource. She has her grid upgraded with each opensim release, so honestly… yeah I don’t think she is a threat, I think of her as a protector of the development since they are not contributing back code wise, but as long as she doesn’t abuse the power of these patents she is protected the sourcecode from companies like Worlds Inc.

Now onto SecondLife with its latest changes to the viewer, now I am upset like the rest of you. But we need to realize that, OPENSIM NEEDED TO BREAK AWAYWAYS, this is good in my opinion. This opens so many new doors, let us make our own changes viewer side as well as server side, we will no longer have to rely on mimicing SecondLife’s new features to make our own versions of them. Let us start going a bit more original, come up with features that will be kinda like a slap in the face and make SecondLife really upset that they dropped us, by introducing features they haven’t even thought of yet. I know we can do it, we are a strong and large community, so why don’t we push to make it happen.

Side not on viewers: I read that people are upset with Firestorm Team about the whole thing with them getting Armin and that they “attacked” the angstrom viewer dev. I was in the Aurora-Dev channel when it all went down, they were just upset and asked why the credits of firestorm were removed? They felt really upset that all their work would go un-credited. I would be sad and upset too, but it wasn’t really an attack, but while they were there, I spoke with them and was able to show them how many people use their viewer on OSgrid thanks to key’s blog. So yeah… just wanted to get that out there, GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.

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Jessica Random

I totally agree with you Tim. There is no war between business and opensource. There is no reason both cannot exist together. Opensource is a very good development method. It allows for a much larger skillset to be working on something that any company can provide. The fact that a business can then take the result of that and use it for their business is not an issue as far as I see it. In fact, many of the contributers to opensource projects use that project to further their business and also to get more developers for their product they… Read more »


Tim,First of all thank you so much for taking up for me.I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself and feeling beat up lately so I appreciate you mentioning me and standing up for me. I agree that there isn't a war between opensource and commercial. We need a balance in every part of our life. I was actually happy to see that SL going to just their own viewer. I really think that all the closed grids should only allow their own viewers. My reasons are personal though. In being on the OSGrid so many different viewers are… Read more »