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It is that time of the year, when people start making New Year Resolutions. Well I have never really made any other than once for a class assignment. But this year I really think I need to make some real resolutions. So I thought I would post them here on my personal blog for everyone to read and be aware.

Focus on business, and put helping others second. Why because I keep helping others and putting myself in debt. Every time I build myself up, I end up falling back down again. So I need to keep my nose to the grindstone, and quit screwing myself over. But I am still going to help out my friends, just got to make sure I can first.

Quit with procrastination. I get off track so much, mostly due to my ADHD, but I have to tighten down and make sure I stay focused and get my work done. Time is money, and money is not everything, but it pays the bills, and helps secure my future.

Work on my relationship. I live in a very interesting relationship, I have two partners. We all live together, and we are all happy together. I know it sounds different, but we are happy and completely settled together. Working on year 3 of being together, and I just want to work on actually being there, because too often I was all busy, no play. So I am going to work on that a bit more this year.

On the whole thing of focusing more on work, well I have already started some major work on the stuff I do for a living. Get ready for a big surprise, because I can’t believe I am going to be doing this myself.

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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