Closed vs Open? Really?

I am dealing with a lot of people getting stressed over the debate of if grids should all be open or at least have hypergrid open. I am just going to put this out there, there are tons of people who want everything free in life, and never want to pay for anything. I am sorry but the world requires money for us to get things done.

I have been hearing and seeing people damage grids reputations for charging for regions, making you pay for services and what not. Well honestly, you are paying them so they can turn around and use that money to do the following things:

1. Pay the server costs (FYI, servers are not cheap, nor is the bandwidth costs normally used to operate them)
2. Their time, these people are managing your entire back end FOR YOU, they deserve your money if your using thier services.

What you need to see, the back end of things of how open and closed grids work.

Open Grids: These grids run on sponsors, this means, companies, colleges, universities, and people donating. Perfect example, how many people know that when OSgrid was about to take the dive it was because “THEIR MAIN SPONSOR WAS DROPPING THEIR SUPPORT” they didn’t have any other sponsors, or enough donations to keep it going. So SimHost came in and decided to become the new sponsor, and well I am not going to get into that drama, I am just saying that somewhere along the line “SERVERS GOTTA GET PAID, THE AIN’T FREE”

Closed Grids: Why do these grids charge a bit more? Well it is actually the added security, the hands on support, you most likely have in world money investments, etc. These grids charge more because they have a bigger job to worry about. These guys are being PAID to fix your bugs, give your more direct support, manage RL money investment, people go to closed grids to make money. The backend of a grid like InWorldz, Avinations, etc have to be FAR more secure than your standard opensim grid. They gotta have firewalls, bugs fixed that allow you to steal items, etc. People have real investment in these grids.

Now onto the people getting upset with others for wanting to make money in personal grids, well dammit these people have every right to do this. The reason many people go closed is because these grid owners take care of their content, it is much easier for InWorldz to dispute and catch a content theif than it is for a grid like OSgrid or Metropolis. Because they can look and see the whole backend, and yes I know theives are in the real world and theft is always going to happen, but does that mean we should let it go.
EXAMPLE: If we should let someone steal a complete line of clothing someone makes in InWorldz and Avination, and start giving it way for free on other grids. What do you think this does to their profits, their ability to make ends meet? then you might say “but that is virtual” well it is no different than going and robbing a Real Life clothing store, now they just went out several thousand dollars, gotta replace the door you broke, windows, clothes, etc. IT IS NOT RIGHT NO MATTER HOW SMALL THE CRIME!!!

So to all the people getting upset with content creators who make things for both closed and open grids, DON’T YOU DARE GET MAD AT THEM. They are honest people trying to make a living, that is what the internet is, a ecosystem like RL. I place for people to have fun, mingle and do things for free, but also a place for people to make money too. I mean if you think someone is overcharging for something, go to the competitor and buy the cheaper one, don’t steal it. You do that in RL you end up in Jail, just cause it is easier to get away with it online, do you think it is right? No!

Grow up! This is reality, shut up or go home! Cause you know what? If you live in the USA, ISPs have a new contract to catch online thevies like you, so they just made it harder for you to get away with because no matter how you look at it, it is still THEFT! Let content creators put their content where they feel it is safe, just like in real life, a designer store is not going to setup in the ghetto, because chances are higher they are going to get robbed, some still do it and that is their choice, so let the content creator choose, don’t demonize them for making the choose that makes them comfortable and not you. Grow up this isn’t high school anymore!

I am not hating open or closed grids, I believe each serves it’s own purpose. I live in both open and closed grids, I feel both are comfortable places to live and be in. I do love all of you, and I hope you understand why I am so harsh in this blog, it is because it needs to be said, so I said it.

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Susannah Avonside

I don't have any problems with people covering their costs, whether in real life or in virtual worlds, but I do have a huge issue over greed in either world. I create stuff in open grids,at the moment al my stuff is available for free, as there just isn't a functioning currency in many open worlds. I'm sure that there will always be those who will seek to profit from the work of others by distributing stuff they've copied, but I feel that the risk is dramatically reduced if prices are kept reasonable. The trouble is that people are greedy,… Read more »

Linda Henson

Just so everyone is clear and Buni can stop spouting out her lies. I did not ask Tim to write this blog. I woke up this morning and the link was pasted in my skype. He wrote this because it is a hot topic that is all over the place right now and he had a viewpoint. For Buni to even insinuate that he does not think for himself is absurd. If I had known I would have tried to talk him out of writing this because I know that she wants to cause trouble and spread lies when she… Read more »

Sharon Collins

Timothy, thank you so much for posting this on your blog and for sharing it with the Google+ group. I opened a can of worms when I posted what I did about content theft. I have to admit, I wasn't surprised by the theft, however I was shocked by the attitude shown after it was pointed out.

I agree wholeheartedly with everything both you and Linda said here, and just wanted to thank you both for putting my thoughts into better wording. It is refreshing to read.


I understand where you are coming from on this, you are one of the biggest contributors of free and public domain content. I hope you don't loose faith in the open grids, people love and respect you for the content you create. I for one, think that by you staying in open grids, and being on the hypergrid. You deserve a lot of respect for that, I mean not many content creators do what you do, and people love you for this stuff. I don't think people would have any right to be upset with you if you went and… Read more »

Linda Henson

I would like to say to Olive that I had no intention of tearing her post apart. My comments weren't about what she said. It was about the comments that followed her post by another user.

Olive, I think you make some valid points and there are some things that you said that I would argue with. But my fight was with someone else.

Linda Henson

I love the blog and I agree totally and I just have to say that you will get a bunch of backlash because of it. The "I want everything free" crew jumps on blogs like this. Honestly I am getting disgusted with this whole mentality. There are people out there who do not create and they don't give anything to the virtual world community. They don't have to pay for their hosting and they get all of their "stuff" free around the metaverse and they bitch about how everything should be free everywhere. The truth is "SOMEONE" has to create… Read more »


Re-Posted via G+: Timothy Rogers (Me)+Olive Tor That is what I was saying at the end of the blog, just stop the hate. Both types of grids have to make money need to make money have to do this type of thing. It is not free for anyone, at the end of the day someone is paying. Just it is a luxary for some, i am not hating on anyone, my article is strong worded, because a lot of my friends who make content for BOTH open and closed grid got hurt by the discussions over the past few days.… Read more »


Re-Posted via G+: Olive TorYesterday I had my own post about the subject torn to pieces, not because people didn't know the things you wrote in your blog post, but because things that had happened outside the discussion. I don't think that most people on either side are haters, but of course you get irritated when one "from the other side" just hint about haters (or thieves for that matter) on the "the other side" from their perspective. I just want to see a live and let live. Just accept that people are different. I wasn't saying this because of… Read more »