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Alright everyone, I am looking for volunteers for my latest project! I want you, to help me build a brand new HG Directory Standalone World!

ugly draft

Well that is my ugly ass draft, but so let me explain it. The region will be a mega region, 2×2. There will be one main landing point where all HG visitors land, that will just be on the ground with a terminal that list’s ever grid and standalone in the database. This region is being placed right at the point where you will be able to get to low grid cords and high grid cords. The spheres are going to be hubs. Bio-Hubs, where each grid and standalone gets to design their Bio-Hub. They will be placed at random heights away from each other, because I understand that many people do not have good computers, and we need to keep this into account.

Each hub is a dome, grids are then placed in charge of what regions they would like listed in the hub, and how they wish to setup their TP system for their hub. All hubs will be required to use our per-designed Landing Point. Which hasn’t been designed yet as we are looking for volunteers to help with all of this. The hubs will vary in size based on the size of the grid and standalone that is getting hubs. Now if you want to list a standalone and do not want a whole hub, we will be providing a hub that is for any standalone to hook into.

The shopping hub, we will be putting out a shopping hub, that will be on a separate region and will be in the air, and be multi-level. This will be like the old Linda Kellie malls, but with content from everyone. Letting people come in and get content, and bring it home, keeping people from having to search everywhere or load several oars to just get one or two things they want.

All of this will be hosted by Zetamex, I am just looking to see how many people are interested in joining in this project. Please comment or contact me via email!

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