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I first want to thank everyone who was on AuroraScape, and I have to apologize to all of you. I know the life of AuroraScape was short but there are multiple reasons to this, and I mean no ill intent to the developers of Aurora by what I have to say in this blog.Firstly, AuroraScape was doing pretty good. But that was how it looked on the outside, there were a lot of problems, things I just cannot work on as I am not a programmer. The software is very stable, very easy to use, and works out of the box. That I am not trying to fight with, but there was just too many people bitching about it.

I know I shouldn’t let people bitching about the software help me close the grid down, but it is not so simple. Many people were just not willing to even give AuroraScape a shot, and many people who joined began to drop out right away. The interest in Aurora-Sim was so limited, and one of the biggest reasons is because the lack of HyperGrid. There were people who literately said things like I will never support an open grid without hypergrid and that type of thing travels and makes other say it and more people see it. People were publicly bitching and complaining about the grid without even giving it a shot. We kept loosing people because of it.

I did purchase extra hardware to make the grid successful, and now I am going to be using that extra hardware to run others grids and regions as I do already as Zetamex. I was trying so hard to run this grid, but running a grid that brings in virtually no profit at all is very hard. So I am focusing on grid and simulator hosting, stuff that makes money. I have no other job, this is my job, sitting in front of my computer and help the metaverse grow. AuroraScape was just not attracting any attention, it did for a while, and then people just dropped out.

Working on AuroraScape, took a lot of focus from Zetamex, and Zetamex is filled with paying customers who are looking for top notch service. I have been running Zetamex/SoftPaw Estates for almost a year now, so I need to move my focus back to providing service.

If people have less faith in me now because of this, I am sorry, but when you have to feed a family, pay rent, and etc. You have to make wise choices, and well the focus needed to be shifted back to Zetamex.

Thank You, Timothy Rogers

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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