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It has been one hell of a past month, I have had to deal with a lot of drama in my real personal life. Sometimes I wish we could all just live in virtual worlds, but drama would just pile up their too… so what else is new on that. But besides that point, I have been doing some plotting and planning with Zetamex these past few days so going to be talking a bit about that in this blog. I am also going to gloat about my new boy friend, because I can tell you right now, without him this past month would have just been me crying my heart out.

Up first is Zetamex, I am been doing some extensive research and testing into finding a way to provide cloud hosting to my customers. I been seeing that people really enjoy being able to control having the ability to render worlds on demand and have almost limitless possibilities. My boyfriend even turned to me and said something I don’t think anyone is ready for, but I think I might know how to do it. Virtually Unlimited Prims, that is right, I will be calling it VU Prims and well they will scale depending on weights and what not but the limitation will just not be there. You will be able to build, and build, and build till you just can’t move cause your viewer gone and locked up on ya.

I am still looking into creating a way to give my customers the ability to have a control panel like other hosting companies, where you can upload OARs and IARs with just clicks on a web page. I have been getting a bit closer, but then upgraded to the latest version of opensim and well then shit broke… so starting all over again. I am thinking about going out and hiring someone to professionally build a control panel. I know that this is one of the biggest and most requested features I have been getting from people, so it is on my list.

Now about why and how I have a new boy friend. Well because my life is an open book I am just going to tell you. Me and my ex who had been together for 2 years in real life, just grew distant from each other. We both realized we have different goals and things we want to achieve in life. I then ran into some issues where I was living and had to move out, so that has been a bit rough but everything is still fine. I made sure to have everything planned out and setup, downtime is not an option with Zetamex. I am dedicated to my clients. I ran into my new sweet foxy lover while I was doing my standard gaming I like to par-take in on SecondLife, it is like the only virtual world I can go to get away from work. Just something clicked, when we bumped into each other, it was like a light bulb went off and things have just been going good ever since. I have to say that is about it, we can’t explain it we just fit together like to pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Best of all he actually plans on coming with me to other virtual worlds with me! So all of you will get a chance to meet my wonderful boy friend.

That is about it from me for this blog update, stay focused at Zetamex for some really awesome news with some brand new plans rolling out and new features. I tell you all this right now, I thank everyone in the OpenSim community for giving me this career without you guys, I don’t believe I would have ever been able to do the things I do. We have virtual worlds because of you. You build everything, and make the developers want to keep going, and then make me want to keep going by providing you service at affordable pricing without fear of delayed customer support. You guys by just being in virtual worlds, have help me found my business and for that I thank you all!

Thank You, Timothy Francis Rogers

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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