Let’s Start Blogging!

Alright guys, I wanted to give a hand and help some people get started blogging or help you get your already existing blog a little more traffic. This will be a short and sweet guide on getting started with blogging.

To start off, I want to suggest to anyone who wants to start blogging and you haven’t before. I say go with Blogger, they are owned and operated by Google and it is totally free. The interface is super simple, and the blog is 100 times easier to customize than a WordPress blog. I like both platforms, Zetamex’s blog runs on Blogger and this blog runs on WordPress. If you go WordPress it is much much better to host the blog yourself, and I will show you how to do that in a little bit.

To get a blogger blog, just head over to http://blogger.com/ and sign in with your Google Account or create one while you are there. You don’t have to have a gmail account, you can make a google account with just about any email address.

Here is a run down of things to consider when starting a blog:

Blog Name

You don’t want to go with something very long, or something that is hard to remember. For those doing a completely personal blog, try the name of your avatar or your name. These are great ways to name your blog. If your blog is about something, lets use sight seeing in virtual worlds, come up with something like Virtual Travellers Guide. Also try and get something you can get a domain for, it really does help you promote better when you have a domain.

Layout & Design

Now this is where it gets very important, you want your blog to represent you and what you are talking about. Try to make your blog stand out a bit more than others, but don’t go crazy. You need to find the right balance. Also try to keep images used in the theme to a low amount as those can slow loading time greatly. Also you want to make sure you layout presents your posts in a layout that is not confusing to read or understand.

Blog Posts

When writing posts, try to stay on topic. If your blogs go off on wild tangents and don’t stay on topic and change topic 50 times in the post then it can confuse the reader and make them not want to read it. If your posts are long, make sure to include some images or pictures. Even if your content doesn’t have images, make some graphs or something to represent your concept. A wall of long text is most likely to be turned away where wall of text with images is more inviting. If you don’t want to write long blogs or include images, 1-3 paragraphs is normally good size for short posts. Just make sure they are beefy.

Your Web Address

I can’t express how much to you that it is important to have .com, .org, .net if you are going to have a bigger blog or want to make your blog somewhat profitable. Also if you care about page ranks and alexa ratings. These are methods in which the way is indexed and addressed, the higher these ratings are, the higher search engines will rank you above others. If you don’t want to spend the money on a domain, don’t go with free so called domains like .uni.me and .co.cc etc those just earn “co.cc” alexa not you. There is one true free domain provider named Dot TK there address is http://dot.tk/ they offer free yoursite.tk at not cost, just have to get so many hits a month which is really simple to do.

Free Hosting For WordPress

Do not use http://wordpress.com/ they kinda mess you up with denying you tons of features you should have from their own software, so if you are looking for a free host that is stable, fast, and hasn’t gone anywhere in several years http://byethost.com/ they offer 100% ad-free hosting. They also offer 1-click wordpress install so you don’t have to even know how to install it yourself.

Earning Revenue

Well this is a hard thing, you can earn money if you get good hits on your blog and you become some-what popular. Good programs to use are http://bidvertiser.com/ and http;//google.com/adsense they are both free to join. Google is picky, Bidvertiser is not so much, so if you can’t get into Google go for Bidvertiser. If you just want to add a donate button, use PayPal it is super easy way to put up a donate button. If you are going to do the donate method, do like HyperGrid Business and be creative make up an image or something like “Buy me some caffeine for all my hard work!”

I hope this blog will help you guys get started!

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