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I want to start out this by saying I am only human, hell I know I make more mistakes than most people I know. I admit this and never claim to be perfect, and I most certainly will not say I know what I am doing unless I do. I am human, and I do get limits pushed and get upset just like everyone else in the world. What I am referencing to is comments I have deleted on the Kitely blog.

I was being scrutinized just because I stated I never experienced an issue that others were talking about, and then TOLD to PROVE how I fixed it or at least how it was worded sounds. I fixed it completely by accident when I was playing with merging aurora-sim and opensim code. I will not share my code as it is a complete mess, and not even I think it is worth contributing back. I have stated a million times over on my blog that I AM NOT A REAL PROGRAMMER, I NEVER WENT TO COLLEGE FOR IT, I ONLY TOOK CLASSES IN BUSINESS AND ADMINISTRATION. What I do is very messy in C#, but I am getting better as I teach myself. The languages I know are PHP and MySQL so that is more my area of expertise, but even there I never went to college for those, I just worked for companies that managed those types of environments and picked up on it.

I honestly think grids are getting super defensive about their products, which I think is fine to an extent but honestly it is not a big deal. I don’t just see it with Kitely but other grids I am not going to name them, but if you say something about something they did they will get all snappy at you. It is ridiculous. You can ask some of my clients, before they sign up with me I explain to them what my products are, I have even turned clients away and pointed them to Dreamland Metaverse, because I know I cannot meet their needs but I know that Dreamland has a more developed system and the people behind it are actually programmers. I mean if you even look at our site, we state right on our front page since day one use the back in time machine if you don’t believe me “We never take on a client we cannot handle.” That is not to say Zetamex is a sub-par company, we have made some MAJOR improvements over the past few months alone. Something I am going to get into the next paragraph here.

One thing that aggravates me and this is as a person not a company. But when companies tell you, “well opensim doesn’t scale well and it needs several gigs of ram, bigger pipes, etc etc etc” well I am going to tell you right now. That is 95% FALSE, well it is 5% true that it does need more than a piece of junk system to do awesome production things, but it doesn’t need no super over powered system, that doesn’t solve the problem that just ignores the problem of slimming up opensim to run more efficiently. The first thing I am going to do here is show you examples of grids not naming their names, but I will name them names that maybe some people will be able to piece them together, if not well then not. Because I speak to TONS of grid owners and I can assure you they run successful grids without any fancy hardware and networks.

Old And Still Kicking Grid – The owners of this grid have been around for what seems like forever, they even took part in helping back when Linden Labs was still working on OpenSim. They still rely on opensim’s built in MySQL assets server, yes they broke it off in its own instance (which I highly recommend for grids to do, and will show you on zadaroo later this week) and I can almost bet they have more assets in that grid than any grid, because the opensim asset server doesn’t de-duplicate and it is still ticking away and running. They just shove more hard drive space in when they need more space, which works great for them, and host all their servers in house same data center to keep the need to server assets across the web un-needed for the most part by turning on built in region asset caching to take load off the asset server.

Grid From Home – There is a very big and popular grid that has been gaining a lot of attention lately. In fact I am not positive they still run from home, but they might, and they use base opensim services with slight modifications. The owner is a programmer and has made special advancements to do assets a lot quicker and safer. But the fact is this grid for the longest time runs from home on a business grade connection, and still functions amazingly. You wouldn’t even know if they didn’t tell you.

OSgrid (this one I can say it is publicly known) – Osgrid has been around for the longest time, and they for the longest time have ran all their services on the same server, with separate servers for regions. I am not sure if it more divided now than it used to be, but they use opensim’s base core and SRAS with a NIGNX Proxy server in front. Let me explain what that means they run multiple robust instances of different services (which it is meant and can very well do), then use NIGNX (a super light powerful webserver) to then load balance incoming requests to the different robust instances to keep things running smoothly. Honestly this is a very ingenious way to load balance, and save tons of money as NIGNX is 100% and opensource.

As far as hosting regions go, if you read my tutorial before showing how much ram, cpu, and impact regions have on a system on both window and Linux you will see a simulator can run really well with just 1gb of ram which mean I would say, kind of pushing it but maybe 4 regions on one instance safely that has only 1gb of ram. So honestly, don’t believe when someone tells you that you need to have BEAST to run a world. You only need a BEAST system if you’re going to be putting hundreds of people on regions, and even then the software itself can’t support that yet, it needs more work but we are getting there. There are modules though that make it possible to have several people on regions, but that is a work around and not in the base code yet.

Am I trying to put down Kitely or other grids? ABSOLUTELY NOT! What I am trying to do is just express my opinion as a person who knows what I am talking about. Let me tell you right now Kitely is an amazing invention; they have created one of the best work around for getting around the issues opensim has when it has a lot of prims and people on it by using cloud to affordably provide regions temporarily run when they are needed. This really is amazing, plus automating region creation that is something I don’t see every day done successfully, and they have done it. They do contribute a lot of code back, not saying they haven’t. I just don’t like that they flash that opensim can’t scale, when it can with just the little of effort.

I do publically apologize for the comment I made about the attachment fix, I miss read the mantis. I also want to point out that it was my fault and I let my anger of Illan’s attitude towards me effect my calm. That was bad of me, and I apologize for that. That is honestly what I want to say, this is the same issue viewer developers are having right now in SecondLife. They can’t work together, because everyone keeps saying he is better or she is better, and many of the developers just want it to stop. Just like the viewer developers, grid owners are the same. We all run worlds for different reasons, for different people, for different communities. But it should not be a competition, especially with hypergrid, there is now need for it anymore. I know it is like asking for world peace here, but we should all work together where we can, and respect grids choices to keep some code to themselves and what to give back. That is their right, as it is their code, but people need to respect that right. I mean if I spent months working on something for a grid, and then asked to port it into opensim, that gives me a tactical advantage over the others, I might and I might not, it all depends. I mean we all got to eat, and many of us, like myself it is my sole job to run Zetamex, it is my sole source of income. I will do my best to submit back as much code as I can, but most of my changes are not things that would improve most users experiences, like Display Names, I been told not to even bother finishing my merge of it because no one wants it. But I did so since they don’t I might just push it out for someone else to use in its own repo. Again I am not a developer so it might not even be accepted in, in the first place.

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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