Changes In My Perseption

For all of you that don’t know, I am the owner of Zetamex. This is my personal blog, it has no reflection on what I do with Zetamex or the people at Zetamex. I am wanting to write this article because there are some miss-conceptions about me lately in the news and no one is letting me talk this out. So let me talk this out and go as straight forward as I want, since this is my own blog no one can tell me what I can and can’t say.

Before I start explaining anything, I used to be under the impression of not being transparent as a business edginess. However then I was called out on my Bullshit by the CEO of Kitely(who I would like to think we are on good terms nowadays) telling me I should be transparent, so I decided to come forward with all of what Zetamex uses, which anyone can go read and see at: which we explain both all our data centers and service providers, plus the hardware we use. Ever since that, I have felt a lot happier when people share and show their hardware and providers for servers/services.

Now a lot of people think I am trying to attack the OSCC(OpenSim Community Conference), which contrary to popular belief I am not. In fact I still would love to go, and want to go, but I have reservations about the company behind it AvaCon Inc. Now I am not claiming this company is doing anything wrong, or illegal or anything of that sort. I am simply saying, that:
1. I wrote them an email stating Zetamex would love to donate 2 servers to the cause both in France and Canada. I received no reply or anything when I sent that.
2. The cost they say it cost to run their grid, which they did inform me that they pay year round on, I could host my cost, not zetamex, but the cost zetamex would pay would cost around 600usd. Not saying they are not paying that much for the equipment they have, I am just saying myself that is the cost I would charge know the hardware specs which I received from a volunteer at last year’s event.

The thing is I would rather dump the money on developers directly, because I know personally that the event could be done cheaper with the same quality. I am still personally debating whether or not I am going to go, but I am not going to be anything more that a community sponsor at the max because of my personal feelings on this. (which I am writing an article for Grid-Press currently about how to run large scale events in opensim affordably for people like AvaCon Inc to save money in the future).

Secondly, a lot of people are also thinking I hate Maria. I don’t hate anyone, well… I hate a few people who have done bad things to me in the past, such as the time I got raped but that a story for another day. I like and think Maria’s blog has a few articles that serve a good purpose. Now that said, I don’t like how she writes a lot of her articles, which is my OPINION, and just MY OPINION.

 What I personally don’t like is that she has “Maria’s World” built into HyperGrid Business, which I feel if your going to do a personal column like that I would address it in a separate blog like I do with this blog. I run this blog separate to that of the opinion column on Grid-Press. I feel it is only right and proper journalism to have it separate, but again that is my opinion again not fact. I also don’t like the people who are just flooding my twitter and blog with comments saying she is this, that and the other. While I have my disagreements, I feel I am entitled to them, but to sit there and just say bullshit thing after bullshit thing, that’s another story and no room for that in my opinion.

So in response to the Maria of HyperGrid Business, I don’t agree with a lot of the stories she writes. I personally think she writes the controversial stuff just to get hits and page views. I know if you want to be successful your supposed to do that, but I PERSONALLY not saying it is wrong to do, don’t like it. It is kinda why I wanted to make Grid-Press a Patreon blog, so that the readers are the ones paying for it, not the people who are sponsors, and advertisers. I would feel limited in what I could say if perhaps a hosting company did something bad, and I wanted to write about it but I coudn’t because of fear of loosing the advertiser, I like the feeling of being responsible to my readers and not to my advertisers.

I know I did get a bit out of control yesterday, but the articles and lashing Zetamex has been getting lately from all ends been upsetting me personally. I mean, Zetamex is not out to make a me the big bucks, it is created to offer an honest and reliable service. When I have to take time out of my day to go and take care of the press on these matters, it drives me nuts. But I do it because Zetamex is my baby. When I was a kid in elementary school, I  used to sit and draw virtual worlds on paper and dream up these islands and things, where you hop form one to another or take boats, and special teleport gates. I grew up wanting to get into virtual worlds before I even knew what they were, they are my passion and not my job. So I am sorry if I offended anyone or upset anyone in my as Maria called it “tirade” yesterday. I am just a truth seeker, because I have been lied to over and over in the past and I like to know where and how I can save money, save time, and get the truth.

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