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I have decided to move to WordPress after a long time of inactivity on my personal blog. I just feel there is not a real nice place to get OpenSim related news on the internet anymore, other then people’s personal blogs and the blogs themselves of other grids. It also still saddens me to this say, that the certain site people go to, still does not provide a good source for OpenSim content.

I don’t plan on re-opening another Grid-Press, because people would believe me to be bias or whatever… I am however choosing to just go back into blogging on my personal site. Also, it is not going to be about just OpenSim… but about my feelings, views, some resources, and just my general overall view of things and kinda like a diary for people to read.

I am also doing this blog, to try and work on my writing skills… I have been approached a few times inworld being asked if English is my first language…. I sadly have to say it is. I used to be very good at it, but as time progressed, life happened, I just grew lazy and forgetful.

Anyways, I hope to see you all around on the metaverse, on my blog, and in social media.

I am a simple foxo that loves to do tech things and VR. I am also a little bit of an opensource fan as well.
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