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Positivity Content
So I will admit I am a bit of a person who enjoys shorts on all the major platforms, sites like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and of course the shorts people post to the Fediverse. That said, there is one type of content that I have been happy to see and felt...
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HUGO to WordPress to Astro
So I moved from HUGO to WordPress so I could handle just writing posts again, and have an easier way to handling it. That said, WordPress is great, but with the new stuff Automattic is doing kinda starting to rub me the wrong way and...
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Leaving Apple’s Ecosystem (Mobile)
So, I have been a Linux user for years before moving to Apple’s Ecosystem slowly. I started with the iPhone but used to bounce back and forth with no absolute loyalty between Android and iPhone.
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2023 MFF Fediverse Panel
It was a major blast being able to run a panel at MFF, it allowed me to meet up with several others and spread the word about how wonderful the Fediverse actually is.
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Upset Over Crypto
So I am so upset lately that people are considering things that have connections to crypto as immediately bad or a scam. However, I don’t want to say I don’t completely understand why everyone and their...
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First, after reading a post from CyberKitsune on the Fediverse about the controversial take of not hating hard on all corporations, I feel compelled. With that, I also agree with that thought process.
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Decentralized Protocols
There is a lot of stuff going on in the decentralized space lately, and I am excited about it. However, with tons of these protocols coming up, it is getting plagued by so many people suffering from the same old issue...
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Ownsership of Data
It's been a bit since I have written anything. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about the stuff I have been doing lately. That being switching away from using things like pCloud, Microsoft365/OneDrive, and iCloud.
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