Ownsership of Data

Jan 22, 2023
It’s been a bit since I have written anything. This is an excellent opportunity to talk about the stuff I have been doing lately. That being switching away from using things like pCloud, Microsoft365/OneDrive, and iCloud. That isn’t all; I have also started Cyberfurz service for Mastodon and Matrix. Files and Photos So what caused me to go on this journey is the fact of hearing and seeing companies starting to introduce scanning of my data… and it scares me.
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Continuing To Find Myself

May 8, 2022
Hi there… I have been struggling with my identity lately… and I been scared about it. The reason I am scared? To put it bluntly, cancel culture and the people who are very harsh gate keeping I see in what should be a safe and open community. So I want to write down my thoughts, and get them down for a bit. I know not many people may read this, because it is a long post… so I will do a quick one line TL;DR under this intro.
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The Tech Side of Hosting a NeosVR Event

Apr 17, 2022
So in case you had no idea, I assisted with hosting the back-end of a NeosVR event this past weekend. It was great, but it was a very short notice event, I jumped in and volunteered as I saw the event organizer starting to get overwhelmed with just how big their event got. So I came in and offered to host the back-end. Plus it is alway a great experience for me to put my Linux System Administration and Engineering skills to the test.
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NFT Polarization

Feb 17, 2022
So it is crazy to me how polarized people seem to be over NFT’s these days, and crypto in general… As someone who has been dabbling and following crypto stuff since the early days, it has been sad seeing how it has been loaded up with tons of scams, and how so many people are opting in to it for the fad. So I just wanted to write up a little thing about my thoughts on all this mess…
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Struggling With Anxiety

Feb 2, 2022
So I am sorry I haven’t been good lately, I am not ok and I know a lot of people are not ok lately. I know that a lot of people in my personal and professional life look up to me. This just adds stress to me that I am just hitting life as a whole burn out. This is just me opening up, and expressing how I have been spiraling out of control…
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Cloudflare Workers and Pages

Oct 29, 2021
It sure has been a while since I have posted anything here on my blog… that said you might have realized that the site has changed and maybe even noticed it might be a tad bit faster for you. Well that is because I have started to pick back up coding, because I really do wanna get back into DevOps. That said, I am back to my old shinigans of trying to build things and host them as cheap as possible while not compromising on performance.
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Speeding Up Zadaroo Files

Jan 28, 2019
As some people may know, I host Zadaroo from an agreement with the original owner that I would continue to host it for as long as I can. Which I believe will be a long time, as it isn’t that expensive to host. I have up till a few months ago hosted all the files on OVH Object Storage in their Canadian datacenters. Doing that costed me around 5-6/month just in bandwidth fees, as believe it or not Zadaroo continues to this day consuming around 500-600gb of bandwidth a month, which would be too expensive to host on a provider like AWS.
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2019 Goals

Jan 26, 2019
So it has been a while since I have written anything on this site, or let alone touched it. So I have decided to give it a bit of a refresh and set some new goals for 2019 to try and meet. With that said, I want to thank you for taking a peek back at my site after a year of nothing new. I have been working really hard at my day job that keeps me very busy managing lots of servers.
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Whats Next For Tim?

Feb 13, 2018
I had a lot of fun working with OpenSimulator over the past few years, it was fun but I have got a more demanding job and new skills to acquire for that job that now just take up far more time than I have to work on anything OpenSimulator. I am at this time no longer involved with OpenSimulator in any way other than running my own little standalone that I rarely will go on due to my lack of time but just so I can keep and enjoy my content I own and can have on my own machine something that I have always loved about OpenSimulator the ability to truly own your content if you host it yourself(or a provider like Zetamex Network, Dreamland Metaverse, etc).
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Taking Control of My Cloud Storage

Jan 14, 2018
So I have been someone who has been working with a lot of sync services over the years. Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive, and even open source solutions like Seafile, OwnCloud/NextCloud, and Sparkle Share. But these have all been keeping me locked in with paying for more than I need and the commercial ones paying with my privacy. So I wanted to look into a way of handling my files in a cheaper and more reliable way.
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