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Positivity Content

So I will admit I am a bit of a person who enjoys shorts on all the major platforms, sites like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and of course the shorts people post to the Fediverse. That said, there is one type of content that I have been happy to see and felt like I should make a small post about it, and that content if you couldn’t tell is what I call Positivity Content.

Social Media has always felt like a gateway for people to seek popularity, and while I might think that can lead to toxicity(one of the main reasons I prefer to live on the Fediverse than X). This has lead to people showing off, doing thirst content, or even jumping on the trends. I will admit, I do enjoy a good thirst trap, but a particular type of content I have been enjoying a lot has been people who take a moment to pass on the positivity.

One of these creators I have been enjoying doing this is Hurry as they have been posting content that I enjoy that calls out stuff I know a lot of people suffer with, including myself. Where we don’t give ourselves the self-compassion we deserve. I know for a fact, my counselor I have been going to for the past several years has told me that I suffer from self-compassion, I spend too much time doing everything for others to make myself feel better than working on my own issues.

@hurryxslowly stop lying to yourself 😡😡😡 you deserve love #furrytiktok #furryfandom #vtuber #vrchat ♬ original sound - hurryslowly

Another one of these creators I miss seeing is XylonGrimmwulf, but they haven’t really been posting in a while, but based on their last few posts sadly they had hit a rough spot in their life. But I felt the need to call them out as well as someone who created shorts that were something to spike a nice good and warm feeling of being called nice pet names along with reminding you to keep going and focusing on yourself.

@xylongrimmwulf Happiness is worth its weight in gold 💚💚💚 #contentcreator #streamer #vtuber #viralvideo #furry #relateable #wolf #furryfandom #furrytiktok #vtuberclips #praise #goodboy #pawsitivity🐾🐾 ♬ original sound - Xylon

Now shifting gears a little bit, there is another creator named maybes0ul who makes a lot of content where they sorta speak their mind about things and reminding you about how sometimes things in life change and that is ok. Below is a short by them I think is really worth a watch, speaking about how friends in our lives truthfully can come and go… and that it is ok.

@maybes0ul You cant keep someone around for forever, you gotta see them later, and continue walking forward #vrchat #vr #furryfandom #vrc #furry #rexouium ♬ original sound - Søul

I all I wanted to say here was I enjoy this content, and I hope to see more of it. I think it is good to have content out there that can help people with mental health being such a huge thing these days, and I get this is not a substitute for actual mental health counseling. That said, I don’t think people realize how much simple words shorts like this can really impact others… and while parasocial relationships can be unhealthy, I think in the era we live in it isn’t a super bad thing to look up to content creators and find comfort in their content… just important to understand that you don’t actually fully know the person, just the persona/fursona. With that said, I leave you with one more short by another creator I enjoy rishouren about mental health.

@rishouren #CapCut #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #youcandoit #xyzabc ♬ original sound - Rishou
Positivity Content
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