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HUGO to WordPress to Astro

So I moved from HUGO to WordPress so I could handle just writing posts again, and have an easier way to handling it. That said, WordPress is great, but with the new stuff Automattic is doing kinda starting to rub me the wrong way and I lost the ability to make the site look and behave the way I want so here we are moving back to static site generation and this time we are moving to Astro.

I am super excited to be leveraging Astro, because I think it is a great learning experience to be able to write JavaScript/TypeScript and work on those skills. I still think HUGO is a great option for those wanting a simple static or even really fancy static site just wanted to move to something that was around a JS/TS stuff I am working on outside of my own site to just keep my knowledge going strong.

Where I want to go now is just pushing myself to putting out some content, because I just feel like I want to put my thoughts and opinions out there. That said I don’t know if that is a great way to handle this going forward, I am just going to focus on writing and putting out my opinions a bit more. Mainly because I have a lot on my mind, and a lot of things I want to do… so I just gotta put my mind too it and do.

HUGO to WordPress to Astro
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